Our Story

After 20 plus years as a successful, third-party, search professional, Chris Carmon reflected on the many inherent flaws of recruiting (i.e. transactional nature, costliness, reactiveness, etc.) that may solve a symptom, but not the illness.  The problem was that these great employers lacked a strong employer brand and thus the ability to attract more of the right talent. 


From small to large companies, the right talent had no idea these companies existed or had a false impression of the business. They certainly had no sense of the culture, life on the inside, and what a career could mean for them. Talent acquisition for these companies was very broken, costly, and more stressful than it should be. 

Chris partnered with his long-time friend and business colleague, Gregg Morris, to launch Hiring Optics in early 2015 with the mission of helping great businesses be able to better attract talent on their own to reduce talent acquisition challenges, costs and frustrations.  Together, along with Hiring Optics first employee, Zach Simmonds, the three pioneered a one-of-a-kind service that is unrivaled in the marketplace. 


Today, Hiring Optics continues to innovate services which help our clients better attract talent, new business, and other mission critical people necessary for growth, profitability and  prosperity. 

Email: info@hiringoptics.com

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