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Chris Carmon

Chris Carmon

Chris Carmon is the President and CEO of Hiring Optics. Chris has more than 20+ years of experience in employee recruiting, talent acquisition and hiring strategies.

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Recruiting is a Marketing Function

By Chris Carmon on Mar 4, 2020 12:10:40 PM

The best inbound recruiting strategies follow the same methodology as marketing. Talent is a consumer and a really tough one to attract in today's climate.  Similar to how you market to customers, the front-end of your inbound recruiting strategy starts with consistent, compelling content to create a call-to-action for talent.  And for an even greater ROI, there are opportunities to use one marketing initiative to drive compelling content to attract both talent and clients.   

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Why Video Matters in Recruiting

By Chris Carmon on Mar 4, 2020 12:04:03 PM

When was the last time you read an instruction manual? If you are like me, it has been years. Virtually anything I need to learn about has been first researched via video. It's easier, more comprehensive (yet concise), and walks me through the process in a way no manual can. By 2020 (yep this year), over 80% of internet traffic will be consuming video. No doubt, creating written content is far easier and less expensive than video. However, when you look at the ROI video creates, the investment is well worth it. This is why video is becoming the medium of choice for talent attraction, not to mention business development.