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Recruiting is a Marketing Function

Mar 4, 2020 12:10:40 PM

The best inbound recruiting strategies follow the same methodology as marketing. Talent is a consumer and a really tough one to attract in today's climate.  Similar to how you market to customers, the front-end of your inbound recruiting strategy starts with consistent, compelling content to create a call-to-action for talent.  And for an even greater ROI, there are opportunities to use one marketing initiative to drive compelling content to attract both talent and clients.   

HubSpot has a great infographic showing how the sales process parallels the recruitment process and the underlying methodology is quite the same.

Hubspot 1

People working within a business know the business like the back of their hand and all the reasons which make the company a great place to work. But ask yourself, "How does talent experience this?" If your talent strategy is not proactively tapping the right talent on the shoulder with compelling reasons to engage, odds are they won't.  You have to make it easy for talent to understand your business and experience life on the inside, culture, purpose and your unique employer value proposition. This needs to be at the top of the funnel and talent recruitment process to attract talent “prospects” to engage today and tomorrow.   

Your brand is comprised of your product or service brand AND your employer brand.  The two go hand in hand. The more talent understands your product or service offering and underlying purpose, the more the right talent will gravitate towards you.  Likewise, the more your clients understand the people behind your business who deliver world-class products/services and great customer experience increases sales and customer retention.

Hubspot 2


Chris Carmon

Written by Chris Carmon

Chris Carmon is the President and CEO of Hiring Optics. Chris has more than 20+ years of experience in employee recruiting, talent acquisition and hiring strategies.